December 29, 2017

Partner Relationship Management

The process by which organizations manage all their various partner relationships, Partner Relationship Management (PRM), has become a growing area of focus for technology companies. The software systems used to manage this process is known as PRM software.

Some of the main components and capabilities you’ll want to look at when evaluating a PRM system include:

  • Business Planning and Goal Setting
  • Content and Collateral Management
  • Lead Registration and Distribution
  • MDF Balance and Request Management
  • Sales Enablement
  • Sales and Pipeline Reporting
  • Training, Certification and Accreditation

The right PRM solution for your partner program can make a huge impact. Reduced operational expenses, more consistent execution through your sales channels and increased velocity in sales funnels are among the benefits you can expect.

As the primary purpose of a PRM system is to increase revenues through the sales channel, many vendors (although surprisingly not all) provide an exhaustive collection of sales and marketing collateral or even complete ‘campaigns in a box’ ready for partner use. Such materials allow active partners to go-to excel in bringing in leads and sales opportunities.

How We Can Help

If you decide bringing on a PRM system is the best move for your organization, we can help you walk through the process of evaluating PRM vendors to meet your needs and implementing that program. We have experience working with many PRM programs and have relationships with even more.

Contact us if you want to discuss what PRM would mean to your organization.