May 7, 2019

Partner Enablement

Enabling your partners to successfully represent your company is one of the most important activities you can undertake for your partner program. Partner enablement, properly executed, will not only put you at ease when your partners are engaging with prospects but will also result in higher partner-generated revenues.

What Goes into Enablement

In the same way your internal sales team needs to be enabled to succeed, your partners also must be enabled to succeed. Partner enablement, sometimes referred to as reseller or channel enablement, is more than simply training on your product. Key elements of a good partner enablement program will include:

  • Providing partners in-depth knowledge of your company product and services.
  • Educating partners on your brand’s vision and corporate values.
  • Aligning your partners with the overall strategy of your business.  
  • Enabling your partners to act on behalf of your business.

Sales and Product Certification

In addition to training partners on products and services, some vendors opt to add certifications which allow partners to demonstrate their knowledge. Certifications can be offered both in product knowledge and expertise as well as the partner’s sales acumen. Certifications are a good way for you to feel confident in your partners’ ability to represent your company and for customers to feel confident when dealing with a partner rather than directly with you.

Ongoing Communications and Support

Our partner enablement services don’t stop when the training is done. As your organization grows and your product line improves we help your partners stay up-to-date. With on-going partner communication programs, we will help ensure your partners are informed and trained. In addition to imparting product knowledge when your product offerings change, we set up communication methods that will help engage your partners and make sure your product offerings are top-of-mind as they are dealing with customers.

Getting Started

Let’s discuss what it would take to get started enabling and encouraging your partners to sell your products. As always, we offer a complimentary assessment of your situation and will give our thoughts on how you can best get started.