May 7, 2019

MDF Management

You’ve developed a winning MDF program and your partners have been rewarded with tons of earned MDF credit. Now the challenge, and work, comes in helping and encouraging them to spend the money in a way that benefits you both in the long run.

MDF should be spent on well-planned thoughtful activities that will bring in additional leads resulting in potential revenue for both you and the partner. The problem often arises when unspent MDF dollars are about to expire and suddenly the requests pour in to fund unproductive activities. Funding a closet full of tradeshow giveaways may not be the best option.

MDF Program Management

Through our MDF Management program we will work as your advocate in helping your partners spend their funds appropriately. We’ll begin by communicating with the partners their MDF balances and spending requirements. We’ll work individually with each partner to come up with ideas and a plan, and to obtain needed approvals from your organization. Finally, we’ll work to ensure the plans are executed within the given time-frame. During each step along the way, we’ll provide status updates and communications to your team.

MDF Program Development

If you don’t have an MDF program in place we can help you develop one. Having worked on MDF programs for both traditional software organizations as well as SaaS companies, we know how these programs work. We’ll meet with you to work through specifics of your organization as well as your partner program then work with you to come up with an MDF program that will work for you.

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